Friday, April 29, 2011

Mother's Day Quick Page 2

Here is another quick page I made today.  Just pop in your own picture and print or email.  You can download it here free:  Although I titled this Mother's Day Quick could be used for Valentines Day or other occasions too.

I also made this Quick Page, but unfortunately, the file size is too large to upload to my free 4shared account. 


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mother's Day Quick Page

I have a freebie to give away for Mother's Day.  It's a Photoshop Quick Page.   Just pop in a picture.  This is my son and grandson.  The size is 4x6 inches.  You can download it here. 


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Flights

I had some time to play with an idea from CardMaker may 2011. This card is shown as a sympathy sentiment but I changed it up a bit to make some last minute Easter cards. The tag is from Spellbinders Fancy Tags and the punch is MS classic butterfly. The magazine suggested using jewels on the butterflies but I used brads & Stickles instead. The tabs on the brads help keep the butterfly wings 3D. I do like the bright ink colors but I'd try stamping off once or twice so there is a better contrast between stamped and punched butterfly.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Rebekah's Birthday

These bright and sparkly cards are super easy to put together for any occasion. Use the Cuttlebug Swirl folder and rhinestone word sticker or rhinestone alphabet if you have a steady hand. For the orange version I used matte paper and a pearly chalk over all. The blue version used Bazzill shimmer paper in Diamond, Sparkle and Glitz. The coolest, most festive font yet is actually called Rebekah's Birthday, free from UrbanFont. Tami Mayberry of Prism Papers showed this card in Card Maker Magazine Sept. 2008.

Butterfly Greetings

This cute butterfly card idea was featured in Card Maker Magazine May 2011. I changed it up a bit and used the MS classic butterfly punch. The two scalloped edges and coordinating buttons really pull everything together. Self adhesive gems were added to the butterflies. Stampin'Up products were used for the greeting and inside sentiment. I think this design would work with any bright color scheme.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Diaper Cake (2)

OK, now the grandmas get to brag a little. This is the diaper cake I made for DIL's Wisconsin shower. She had 3 - one in Wis, one in Mich. and one in Ohio. Lucky girl! I rolled all the diapers and secured them with rubber bands using 2 different sizes of diapers for the layers. Those cardboard cake platters sure do come in handy for layering. Kathy had a great idea of using clear tape; I had huge rubber bands that held everything together, then covering with grosgrain ribbon. Paper shreds are the 'chocolate' icing. The lamb at the top was a blankey thing from Toys'RUs to drape over the top. Michael's has a gazillion things to use as embellishments from foam cutouts to chipboard to wooden items. Isn't it great that we can start really early spoiling the grandbabies?

Diaper Cake

This took about 4 hours to make today....I covered 3 different sizes of cardboard cake plates....with some Martha Stewart paper in green.  Then I assembled the base with a plastic tube through a hole I cut in the middle of the base.  I pushed the plastic hollow tube through the bottom of the base about 1 inch and made about  8 or 9 cuts around the end of the tube so that I could bend those in a 90 degree angle and tape them to the bottom of the base to really secure the plastic tube to the base.  Then I rolled and taped 1 1/2 inch strips of white paper to 101 diapers in newborn size.  These get placed around the tube and taped....row by row for better sturdiness.  The bottom row starts with about 5 diapers taped to the tube in a circle.  Then the next row probably has about 9 or 10 diapers again taped once they are placed all the way around the original 5.  Then the next row get the same treatment.  I think the base probably has about 5 or 6 individual rows....sorry I didn't count them.  Once the base is full I placed the next smaller cardboard base(which was also covered in Martha Stewart paper).  Place more diapers, row by row.  Hint....I find it easier to place these rows if you are by yourself....if you use a ribbon or something ran around the edge and stuff the diapers behind the ribbon...loosen as needed as you go around the cake.  I actually have a roll of twist tie in red...that is yards long.  I just cut a piece long enough to go around the outside edge....twisting the twist tie or loosing as hold the diapers in place. Once I have the row filled in....I run a piece or two of clear tape all the way around the diapers making sure my tape stays on the 1 1/2 inch strip of white paper on each diaper and not taping to the diapers themselves.  This way the tape and 1 1/2 inch strips of paper can be removed after the party and the diapers are still useable.  After you get all your layers on....decorate with baby items.  I used the hole in the base to run a long piece of twist tie folded in half through the center plastic tube to secure the top stuffed animal.  Place the two cut ends of the twist tie through the tube under the base first....I used a large popsicle stick placed flat on the bottom of the base to put through the loop so it wouldn't pull all the way through the tube.  Then tie your stuffed animal real good with the two cuts ends of your ribbon or whatever you my case it was the twist tie.  Then I covered the twist tie with a ribbon once I cut the twist tie short. 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Birthday to You

These cards have the birthday song attached on the accordion-fold front sentiment. The sentiment is printed on white card stock, then folded and adhered to and tied with ribbon. Make these for general birthday or personalize the song! Card Creations magazine showed this card in the Vol.2 2004 issue. The finished card is 4 1/2 X 6 1/2. The (free) font is DiMurphic from

Baby Onesies

I have two grandson's due to arrive this daughter-in-law is due in June and my daughter is due in July.  I made 8 of these, but some of them are duplicates so I didn't put them in this photo.  I used Fat Quarters in Primary colors and bought the Heat and Bond Ultrahold, NO-SEW iron-on adhesive to attach to the baby onesies.  First you iron on the adhesive to the wrong side of the material....then I used the Cricut personal electronic cutter to cut the shapes that I wanted.  It cut out really clean too...if you try this just make sure you have a good sticky mat and a sharp blade.  Then I ironed the shapes onto the onesies....and lastly I sewed on buttons for some of them.  CLICK ON PHOTO TO ENLARGE

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


This is a special only child turns 35...What a blessing he has been! I had fun making his special birthday card for him...some of the pictures didn't turn out too well as I had to scan them from his Scrapbook-ed Albums! We had Troy, wife Heather and 2 of girls, Mackenzie and Kylie for his favorite meal Mexican Dinner, and his requested Banana Cream Pie! Oldests daughter Ashlea came for dessert! Fun was had by all!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I have decided to try my hand at selling my crafts at a local craft show next weekend. A woman I work with goes to these shows with her sister-in-law and they have invited me to join them in their booth. Here pictures of a few items. Along with the below I have made cards to sell.

Post-It Stands

Round Gift Bags

Laminated Book Marks

Paper Sack Gift Bags

Easter Pencil/Eraser Packs

Tea Bag/Sweetner Wallets

I just love this pink ladybug flower material.
I bought it to make a quilt for myself. I didn't
use much so I can still make my quilt.

Please give me feed back, I hope to do
well next weekend especially with the cards.
I don't have alot of inventory but if I do
well, I will set a goal to go to the craft
fair starting in Sept/October this year.


Saturday, April 2, 2011


I made several variations of the same Easter card. What fun it was to use so many colors and lots of scrap strips! Cards were colored with markers.

Birthday Card

It's my ex-husband's birthday today....I'm getting ready to leave to go to his sister's ranch in Selma to have a BBQ for his birthday.  I made this birthday card.....the inside says...."Hope your birthday is OUT OF THIS WORLD!"  I made this using the Cricut and the Boys Will Be Boys cartridge.  CLICK ON PHOTO TO ENLARGE

Baby Shower Favor Bags

Using the Cricut and Design Studio software, I cut out the purse shape, by making a 4.5 inch circle, then cutting a rectangle shape off the bottom of the circle to make the purse bottom flat and a little oval for the handle area.  Then I used the Boys Will Be Boys cartridge to cut the dump truck and monster truck shapes.  The area between the front and the back of the purse is a small white paper bag cut to just under the handle opening and sticky taped in place.  These will be filled with those melt-in-your-mouth mints.  Each favor bag will have one dump truck on one side with It's a Boy....and one monster truck with Thank You on the other side.  I'm giving my DIL a baby shower on April 23rd.  And I am making the favor bags for the shower.  CLICK ON PHOTO TO ENLARGE