Thursday, April 14, 2011

Diaper Cake (2)

OK, now the grandmas get to brag a little. This is the diaper cake I made for DIL's Wisconsin shower. She had 3 - one in Wis, one in Mich. and one in Ohio. Lucky girl! I rolled all the diapers and secured them with rubber bands using 2 different sizes of diapers for the layers. Those cardboard cake platters sure do come in handy for layering. Kathy had a great idea of using clear tape; I had huge rubber bands that held everything together, then covering with grosgrain ribbon. Paper shreds are the 'chocolate' icing. The lamb at the top was a blankey thing from Toys'RUs to drape over the top. Michael's has a gazillion things to use as embellishments from foam cutouts to chipboard to wooden items. Isn't it great that we can start really early spoiling the grandbabies?


Anonymous said...

Susan....your diaper cake is adorable! Love the frosting! Very cute! -Kathy

Betty said...

Susan your Diaper cake is so cute, I sure everyone will love looking at it...and the Mother will love it.

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