Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Candy Gift Holders

I'm always seeing ideas or thinking up ideas to do with containers for the grandkids for different occasions...I started empting these Crystal Light containers and then saving them, thinking they would make something cute some Halloween is coming and I decided to decorate them for the kids for Halloween.

I took the empty container and took off the wrapper...tossed the lid in the trash.

Then I took Halloween patterned paper and cut to cover each container...I am bad about abusing adhesive...I use a lot...a girl wants to know that stuff will stick, long enough to give it away.

I made six treat extra for our cute little neighbor boy!

Then I decorated with ribbon and halloween left overs from last years treat boxes (What was I thinking, I forgot to put buttons and stickles on them)...put one package of Pixy Stix in each container, but wrapped them up in tissue paper first so the Stix wouldn't fall clear down in the bottom of the container...I thought they would look cute sorta sticking up there.

And now all finished I think they look pretty cute...and I'm sure the kids will love them...I'm just gonna let them pick the one they want as the come to the house...and will give the neighbor boy the last one standing!


Anonymous said...

Betty, these are adorable! Very ceative and I'm sure the kids will love them!

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