Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fun with Letters

I was inspired to fill an empty wall, The original idea, using the big R and little g, came from Better Homes & Gardens craft ideas online. I thought using my husband's name and initials along with mine would make the creation a bit more personal. I found a lot of letters in my craft stash. Hobby Lobby had a great selection of letters: wood, metal, cork and composite. I did find the Scrabble tiles and racks at an antique store in Grand Rapids MI. Turns out they're not antiques but what a great find for my project. Oh, and the Dollar Stores - what a great place to find picture frames. A little paint, a little glue, a little paper, some frames and those damage free wall hangers make this an easy project!


Anonymous said...

Susan....that looks great! Fun wall too!

SusanE said...

Oh, the big E is made of paint mixing sticks! I wiped some acrylic paint over them and used mismatched nuts and bolts to keep them together. How cheap is that?

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