Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cards - Craft Fair

Okay, it is that time where I'm going to try my had at the craft fair again. The next weekends are the first two of seven shows. Depending on how well I do in the next two weekends will determine if I make it for all seven shows.
Here are some Halloween cards I made to sell.

Here are some Halloween treats and cards I made. These mummys are covered with ink gause on a crystal light container. The eyes are punched out using a circle punch and the mouth I cut by hand all out of cardstock. Inside are 1x8 inch bags filled with 4 pixie sticks and a decoration of cardsock at the top.

I will see how these sell and decide if I should make more for the following weekend.



Betty said...

Those containers are really cute....I may have to try to make some for my grandkids...very cute! YOur cards are cute also...I can't get the picture to enlarge so I can't see them really well though!

SusanE said...

Well Sheri, how did the weekend craft shows go? Let me know if there is anything in the Casa Grande area during Nov.

Anonymous said...

Very cute!

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