Sunday, August 28, 2011

Slow Sync Flash

In our photo challenge at we are using a technique called slow sync flash. It's where you use a slow shutter speed...and the flash goes off toward the end of taking the photo. It gives some really cool background effect while keeping the main subject in focus. Here is a website with some neat examples. And here is my attempt at this earlier today in the late afternoon/early evening when the sun was going down. I am spinning as I am taking the picture.


Betty said...

great photo Kathy, love the looks of it, sometimes I wish I had an SLR but then I don't want to mess with extra lens, me bad!

Anonymous said...

Betty I was like that too. When I was alot younger I used a 35 mm film camera and had all the lenses and stuff. Got tired of lugging around that big bag of stuff. But then after years of using a point and shoot camera...(which is great just to have in your purse)....I wanted to get back into taking GOOD photos. Loved the OH SHOOT class that Candice Stringham gives at Then I took her portraiture class. Really enjoying taking better photographs again.

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