Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pedestals for Home Decorating!

This was a fun project! I hope you get make some & enjoy it as much as I did!


1. Glass or ceramic dinner plate (can use any shape and size as well as bowls)
2. Sundae glass,andlesticks (can be any size you choose. I even used a shot glass)
3. Quik Steel Epoxy ( or something simular, available at Hobby Lobby or other craft stores), a
4. Paper plate, & plastic spoon or craft stick
5. Rustoleum 2x Coverage spray paint (I used Krylon)
6. Paper doilies (optional)

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Prepare your plates, sundae glasses &/or candlesticks by:

1. Cleaning them thoroughly and letting them dry completely. If you are doing more than one, decide which plate will be matched up with which base. You want a variety of heights. I started out going to the local thrift store looking for glass candle holders, dessert cups, plates etc...that looked good together to form my pedestals.

2. Take the epoxy from the packaging. Squeeze into a paper plate, about a dime-size of each part of the epoxy. Quickly mix together with the end of a plastic spoon or craft stick. You will feel it generate heat as it mixes. Use the end of the spoon or craft stick to place the epoxy around the bottom of your glass or candlestick – whatever end will be attached to the plate. Try to be neat but this epoxy will pretty much be covered up by spray paint so don’t worry about being perfect. Place it in the center of your plate and place something heavy on top (like books) to exert pressure.

3. Using a large cardboard box to catch the over overspray, place your pedestal face-down in the box. Spray the pedestal completely and generously with Rustoleum 2x Coverage spray paint. Let dry. Turn the pedestal over and spray paint the top of your pedestal. Let it dry. Touch up any spots you missed and let it dry completely before using.

These were so easy to make...and I was able to get them glued and sprayed, and put away all in the same day. I can't wait to Decorate for Christmas now...I may use a couple on my kitchen table and spread the rest out thru the house...will just have to see. I also thought of buying some decorative wreaths or outside candle decorations for setting on the plates and putting my candls or decorations inside that...and the more I think about it I want to go out and buy more dishes and make more to use for different seasons...or I may just respray paint these...the possibilities are endless...have fun!!!


SusanE said...

Betty, these are so pretty! They remind me of hillbilly wine glasses but touched up and elegant for Christmas. What wonderful finds at the dollar store!

SusanE said...

After looking at your pedestals again , I think they would be practical (weight wise) for the Rver. I know they make spray paint especially for plastic. Time to try it!

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