Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Baby Crib

Tony had an old Jenny Lind crib that was missing one of the up and down metal rails.  That was the only thing missing.  It was originally a maple color.  I ordered new parts to include the rail....mattress holder, and new teething bars.  I refinished it in black for my daughter Chrissie, who is pregnant and due with my 3rd grandson in July.  I recently presented it to her at her baby shower.  She LOVED it!  I also refinished the changing table to the left of my daughter.  This was given to her by her generous cousin Melanie and I refinished it to match the crib.
Here's a closer picture of the changing table.
I also made the baby bumper set out of material that Chrissie had picked out.  She is making a baby quilt for the baby and I used 3 of the fabrics that we ordered especially for the baby bumpers.  I used the Fairfield Nu-Foam for the foam also has a pattern written on the paper insert.  I added the orange wasn't part of the pattern.


Betty said...

What an awesome gift to give and you do fantastic work...I'm sure she will cherish the Bed and Changing table for years to come...what a neat mom you are!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy! I am a friend of Betty's and was wondering if you could share with me the steps and products you used to paint the furniture, which looks amazing. I am going to help my daughter paint some furniture black and would appreciate any insight you can provide. My email address is and my name is Michele. Thanks!

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