Thursday, June 30, 2011

4th of July Treat Bags

This was a really fun project, but I always have to sorta change it to make it my own!

I got the idea for making theses cute little Treat Bags from Jessica Spragues Blog Hop last week, it's #13 of you were intersted.

To fill the treat bags I made a couple batches of Pretzel Nibbler Mix. Really yummy when you don't burn it...some of it burned and I just picked out the burned pieces, the rest taste alright.

These sticks that I used to put the recipe of the Pretzel Nibblers on are called Story Sticks, I just used Wooden Grilling Skewers. The normal use for a Story Stick, is like when you are sitting in a group, the person holding the Story Stick starts telling a story, then passes the stick on to the next person, to add to the story and so on. So you are only allowed to speak and add to the story when you are holding the Story Stick.

If you click on the phots they will enlarge and you can see the recipe if you'd like to make them.

CAUTION!!! If you plan to make this recipe, I suggest, if you have a newer microwave that has the Power settings 10 - 1, you might adjust the setting...part of my first batch burned on 10 so I set it on 7 for the first cook, 7 for the second cook and 5 for the third cook...when I make it again I may just use 6-6-6 and see how that works.

I have it all finished now and thought they turned out pretty cute! I printed out a tag to stick on the brown paper bag, cut a band from cloth to put around the folded over opening of the bag & stapeled the band to hold it together, then just slipped it on the bag to keep it closed, made the story stick, using 2 stars back to back with the recipe on it, skewer inbetween the stars, and tied cloth bows on the stick to adorn.

This was a fun and easy project...bags ready to go to the campout out this weekend!!! I'm sure this idea can be used for many different kind of Treat or Gift Bags.


Sheri said...

Very cute! Happy 4th!

Anonymous said...

Betty you amaze me! These are so great! Thanks for the great instructions too!

Sue said...

Betty you are so AWESOME!!! You're so talented!! I love the instructions and photos! Thanks a million!!

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