Sunday, January 22, 2012

Photo Cubes

These are 3 1/2 inch pine photo blocks that I purchased from  part # SQH350.  They are $3.50/each.  They do have various sizes to choose from, however for the directions for cutting your photos, I have used the 3 1/2 inch size photo blocks.

I used  Rub 'n Buff  gold leaf and a cosmetic sponge to rub gold leaf on all the edges.  You could paint with acrylic paint too in your color choice.

Here are my blocks with all the edges rubbed with gold leaf.  They are ready to put the pictures on now.

Cut your photo template at around 3 3/8 inches square(or slightly less) for the 3 1/2 inch pine photo blocks.  You could cut this out of tranparent plastic like tranparencies you would use on a projector.  This will allow you to see your picture before you cut it.  Use the template to cut your photos to size. 

Paint one side with Modge Podge adhesive brushing out to the edges.

Center a photo on top of the Modge Podge.  Left dry for a minute before moving on to the next side.

Once you have all your sides covered with photos....put an additional layer of Modge Podge OVER each photo painting it on evenly.  You will want to do the 4 sides first and let them dry for a while before doing the top and bottom photos.  You don't want to smudge your sides by trying to paint on the Modge Podge to the top and bottom photos before they are completely dry.  Layout your photos like the template below. The reason for rotating the photos is if you put all 4 sides with the photos right-side will never see your photo on the bottom.  If you put them like the template will always have 2 photos side by side with the photos upright...which allows you to turn your photo block upside down to see the bottom photo.


Betty said...

Kathy that is an awesome craft!!! Did you make it for yourself or for the kids...I think you should make several sets...Cool...maybe I could make something like that some time for family christmas gifts!!! Thanks for sharing all the directions.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Betty, I made them for myself...I have a pyramid of sorts. I need to make one for the the very top. I think I will make if of my two kitties. We lost Bob this last year....and Two Socks is getting old. So I think that would be nice to top off my pyramid.

SusanE said...

What a cool idea! Can u paste a different photo to update or do u remove the old one?

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